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The Future Of Travel – Go Local!

The Future Of Travel – Go Local!

Travelling is good for the soul. Travel heals, it teaches and inspires at the same time. Prior to the pandemic, people from all over the world travels for leisure. And then pandemic happens.

These days, post pandemic, the future of travel is now changing. People will travel with hope to make a difference at the same time.

Travelling is good for the soul.

Changing the world through travel.

More and more families and individuals traveling with a purpose. Not only traveling to see the world and enrich their own lives but also to enrich the lives of others.

But the main question here is how many travelers have an authentic and unique travel experience? 

These days, travelers are no longer satisfied by just visiting touristy places, eating at touristy restaurants, taking photos and then go home after buying souvenirs.

Wefie with an Alpaca perhaps?

They want to go where the locals go for great food, discover new and unlisted places to chill, explore local activities by taking part in it and making more memorable memories so they can revisit them again someday.

Joining a dull tour guide sharing repetitious information and the idea of just following the group can be pretty boring. Hence, there is a need for a tailored made experience where travelers can find a unique package that suits their expectation.

Meet Helolokal!

Helolokal aspires to connects travelers to local hosts through personalized curated tours and activities across Asia.

Our vision and mission are to replace over commercialized tourism with personalized traveling that focuses on sustainability.

We want to foster unity and break down the barriers that separates the locals and travelers. We let locals earn through their passion and at the same time create authentic travel experiences for travelers.

How did it all started?

Helolokal was conceived when the founder realized that there were many beautiful, unexplored places in Sabah that deserves a shout out. Some of those information that she discovered were shared through words of mouth (friends and family) or via social media.

So, she thought why not empower locals to earn side income by guiding those who have not discovered the place yet.

Helolokal aspires to offer a community marketplace that connects travelers to locals through personalize guide services and other activities.

Travelers can learn more about the places they visit from a native’s perspective; experience new cultures and ways of life.