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How Booking Works in Helolokal?

The booking & payment flow, from guest to you – simplified.

The Booking Flow

1. The Host (you) adds a listing

2. Helolokal reviews your listing and approves

3. Your listing is published

4. A guest makes a booking on your listing

5. The payment goes to Helolokal

6. Upon successful transaction, the amount will appear in your dashboard Wallet

7. You request a withdraw

8. Helolokal approves

9. The payment (after service fee) goes to your bank account

Note that you will receive email notifications every time:

  1. You submitted a listing
  2. Your listing is published
  3. Your listing has expired
  4. Your listing is expiring in 5 days
  5. You received a booking
  6. Guest made payment
  7. There is new review on your listing
  8. You got new message from your guest