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Add Listing, Explained

Easy & simple

Add listing for the first time?

Lets go thru the Add Listing form. It has 7 parts:

Basic Information

Listing Title – Type a title that contains a unique feature of your listing (e.g. affordable, hiking experience)

Category – What is the main category of your service? Select one of: Activities, Accommodation, Events or Local Guide.

Sub Category – Assign a few sub categories that are related to your main category. This helps your listing to appear in your potential guest search filter.

Features – This filter will load only features terms that are assigned to category you selected.


Address – Insert full address of your business location. This will help Google pins more accurately your location in the map.

Friendly Address – Human readable address, if not set, the Google address will be used.

Select your state (region) and fill in the Google Place ID if you have one.


Description – Write anything here relevant to your listing. You can include a summary of your service, itinerary. what’s included / excluded, or any selling points. Basically any info that is useful to your guest.

If you have a Video of your service, it is highly recommended to insert the link here.

Don’t forget to insert your Phone number and Email address as well.

Booking, Prices and Settings

In this section, you must make sure the Booking switch is turned on. Otherwise your listing will be unbookable, it will be just a catalogue info.

If the Booking is on, you will see Booking Prices and Settings section underneath it. The most important thing to do here is to Enable Instant Booking.

There are other pricing settings as well – Regular Price & Weekend Price.

Price Per Guest is optional, if enabled, price will be multiplied by number of guests to estimate total cost.

You can also set the  Minimum / Minimum Pax allowed and Minimum Stay required for a booking. If its less than 1 day, just put 0.

Extra Services

If you offer extra services, list them here. If you want to charge them separately from the main pricing, make sure you insert the pricing and switch it on.

This is especially useful if you provide tour guide service, like, for example: Entrance fee for place of attraction.

Availability Calendar

This calendar gives you more control on your availability. 

Click the date in calendar to mark the day as unavailable, so its blocked from booking.

Also you can set specific price for specific date here. Use this if your rate changes on certain dates, like during peak season.

Preview and Submit Listing

Finally, you can Preview your listing. If you are satisfied then click Submit Listing.

Otherwise, you can always go back to the editing page. Your listing will be pending for Helolokal’s review before it gets published. 

Ical Synchronisation

You can add link to your listing iCal file to for example Airbnb and import your airbnb calendar to your listing in Helolokal to avoid any risk of overbooking.

Reservations dates of your apartment in Airbnb will be marked as booked in your listing in Helolokal.

This also works with any other calendar software that allows importing/exporting dates in ics/ical format.

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