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Meet Helolokal Host:  Say Hello to Laila & Zera!

Meet Helolokal Host: Say Hello to Laila & Zera!

When we left for a 2 weeks trip to Sabah in October 2022, we spent the first half of the trip exploring Kundasang, Ranau ourselves. We listed down our must visit places HERE.

And the remaining week, we spent it in KK town where we met two wonderful hosts that signed up with us as our very first hosts.

Our awesome hosts, Laila & Zera!

We booked 3 days of tour with them – letting them know in advance that it will be a free & easy arrangement where they can bring us to that places we haven’t “been” to. From places to eat and to visit, we will just go with the flow.

Check out our KK (and other places!) discovery here based on where they brought us to.

First stop for that famous “Ngiu Chap” aka Beef Noodle at Kah Hiong.

That famous Beef Noodle from Kah Hiong.

Then to Donggongon Tamu (Market) to check out local fresh produce.

We had the best fried Chicken in town from “Borenos” for dinner. You will never see KFC the same way again.

We headed to Tamparuli to check out that famous bridge “Jambatan Tamparuli”. We got lucky to see these young locals performed.

That famous bridge in Tamparuli!

These local yummy snacks are so affordable! Between MYR1-2 for 5 pieces.

Friendly local seller. We got that famous salted fish “Ikan Liking” from her.

If you wish to engage Laila and Zera for your next trip, you can book them here from Helolokal, look for LAILAZERA. They are great with solo travelers, small family (ours is 3!) or even female travelers.

We certainly had fun with these two! They are so flexible and helpful that we hope you will engage them the next time you are in KK, Sabah.