General Questions

From time to time we may have openings for remote and onsite roles as well as for internship opportunity. Please email interest and CV to

For media interview, please get in touch with us at

We welcome to collaborate with Community Partners. For partnership enquiries, please get in touch with us at

For Travelers/Visitors

  • Learn more about the place from a local’s perspective
  • Travel sustainably, every booking engagement provides an opportunity for the locals to earn & sustain.
  • Every purchase made from our platform’s e-store provides an opportunity to give back to various community initiatives that we are working on.
  • Discover new places with local help
  • Safe, peace of mind and homely feel at the same time
  • Make new friends

No, it’s FREE for Travelers/Visitors.

Always do your homework.

  • Before meeting, look for hosts/guide whose profiles are complete with a real name, clear photos, and detailed descriptions of themselves and their experiences, what they cover etc.
  • When looking for an event, review the details and find out the location, particularly if you’re in an unfamiliar area.
  • Read references of other travelers and ratings to get a sense of others’ experiences.
  • Women travelers may prefer to book with female hosts/guide, and vice versa.
  • If you feel uncomfortable for any reason with your host/guide, address the situation politely and notify us immediately.
  • Maintain your important belongings at all time. Don’t leave your well-being in the hands of someone else if you don’t know them well yet.
  • Make sure you have a plan to communicate with friends, family and backup accommodation options once you arrive.

First, notify your host/guide, nevertheless please make sure there is no last hour cancellation because host already booked the time/date and made other external arrangements to attend to your booking. Any last hour disruptions will be inconvenient and unpleasant experience for them as they have to turn down other booking opportunities too. Depending on the arrangement, host may or may not refund to you the fees if cancelation is occurred at the last hour.

If you have not made any booking or payment yet, you may change to another host/guide. But if payment and arrangement has been made with your host/guide, you are required to resolve the issue amicably or take the necessary action against the other party according to the abiding law of the country (lodge report to the authority, etc). Please send us a copy of the report for our record so we will take note of the said party.

  • Purchase local handmade products instead of store type cheap souvenirs
  • Engage and connect with Local Communities, learn from each other’s languages and cultures
  • Teach community children skills that are beneficial to them
  • Offer to volunteer in local activities and learn lots from it
  • Offer to care for the animals in the Community
  • Offer assistance at the local farms in the community

Yes of course! Simply make arrangement with the respective host/guide and let them know the concerns you have. They will be glad to assist you (be your eyes and ears) to ensure your kids are safe throughout their travel/journey.

You may tip him/her separately but we do encourage you to rate them high after your travel/activity is concluded so their good track record remains visible on the platform.

For Experience Partners/Travel Buddy

  • Earn extra income
  • Promote their town, city, village, farm, activities
  • Make new friends

TRUST is vital for us at Helolokal.

  • We do not condone to ANY illegal or immoral activities by all parties that got connected via Helolokal’s platform.
  • We appreciate all parties communicate, negotiate and enters into any agreement amicably. Stay professional, remain responsible and respectful towards one another. Make sure to iron out all issues before engaging hosts/guide’s services and make sure travelers/visitors understand all terms to avoid any possible miscommunication or misunderstandings.
  • Since Helolokal promotes socially conscious travel experiences, we require hosts to take special consideration when planning a tour which involves any kind of transactions of animals from the wild, consumptions of exotic meat of endangered species or household animals, and certainly no hunting. We encourage education or volunteerism at the local Animals Shelters instead.

Please ensure your term is communicated clearly and address any concern or questions your client have. And to protect yourself, keep every screenshot of conversation you both have as evidence of agreement. Be sure to request for receipt as prove of payment and engagement.

First, contact your customer and notify them. Please make sure there is no last hour
cancellation. If this happened, you have NO CHOICE but to engage another back up person
to cover for you while you sort your issues. Please note that customer have already booked
their travel plans and any last minute disruptions will be inconvenient and unpleasant
experience for them.
Apart from this, depending on your customer’s responses, there are few things you can do:
• Offer full refund to them
• Offer other hosts the job
Since you are rated by your customer for their experiences, please make sure you remain
professional and courteous at all time

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