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Helolokal is Malaysia’s travel gig platform that is powered by the local communities it serves. We believe that the best way to experience the world is by seeing it through the eyes of the locals who call it home.

Our marketplace connects travellers with urban and rural locals who share their stories, experiences, and passions through curated experiential tours. Our main goal is to empower these communities to earn and sustain themselves by leveraging their unique culture, traditional wisdom, and local knowledge.

Our offer is not one size fits all as we cater to experiences that take us out from our comfort zones. We also believe that travel should benefit local communities and causes, so we work with small local businesses that will explore the lesser-known trails instead of mass market attractions.

We believe that travel can be a powerful force for good because when we travel, we can either be mindful of the needs of our environment and how each purchases impacts the communities that we serve.

This is only the beginning, and there is so much more to be done. We hope you can be part of mission and journey with us.


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“Helolokal addresses tourism monopolization, outdated informations and unemployment by connecting tourists to locals for curated experiences. Our user-friendly platform manages payments and bookings, creates jobs for communities and provides real-time, accurate information at the same time”

angel s chin

Angie S Chin

Founder/Chief Explorer

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Angie S Chin

Founder & Chief Explorer

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